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IMS is the management of  infrastructure under laying the applications. Businesses typical grapple with the need to improve and maximize infrastructure investments and also provide for investments to adopt new technologies and trends. 

Management of IT and infrastructure management services have undergone significant change over the years. The CIO today has to focus on delivering value to the business and to take care of growing demands from the users. Business focus is all about giving the customer the best environment to be competitive and at the same time be more flexible and agile to rapidly changing needs

Infrastructure Management is typically clustered into the following tracks ( specialization if you will) and these are…

Data Centre Services 

  • Operating Systems and Server management – these include server administration across platforms and Operating systems management which include Windows, flavours of Unix and mainframe systems
  • Storage management – These include ongoing optimization of storage and backup, managing storage and strategies around optimizing them
  • Database Management – these include administration and tuning of databases like Oracle, SQL, Sybase and DB2
  • Middleware management – these include monitoring and management of App servers and websites
  • Provisioning and deploying a virtualized environment – deploying and managing virtualized environment like VMware and HyperV
  • Managing Email and messaging – Messaging administration and management of platforms like Exchange and Lotus Notes. And also includes managing cloud based collaboration tools like Office 365 and Google Docs.

End User Computing Services 

  • Desktop Management services – these include provide remote administration and end user support
  • Desktop Migration services – these include management of desktop OS and application migration
  • Application packaging and testing services – packing and testing of applications on the user device when a version upgrade occurs or a migration to a new platform takes place
  • Mobility device deployment and management services – managing multiple end user devices like Pad and Mobile phones around technologies from Apple, Android and Microsoft.
  • Service Desk – handling and addressing user requests and complaints around their device and applications

Network and Collaboration Services

  • Managing Local Area Connectivity – deploying and managing office networks including wireless from companies like Cisco and Juniper
  • Managing Wide Area networks – managing, performance monitoring and optimizing wide area networks from companies like Cisco, Juniper and Aruba and from service providers like BT, Verizon and AT&T
  • Provisioning and managing Collaboration solutions around data, voice and video – these include collaboration solutions from Microsoft, Cisco and Avaya and include technologies like IP Telephony.

Cloud Management

  • Deploying and Managing Cloud environment – new business models and emerging which is enabling customer to exploit their investments better. Cloud environments are emerging as a viable medium to do this. 
  • Setting up and managing Private and Public clouds – Clients are setting up private clouds with a hybrid access to public cloud providers like Amazon and Google
  • Managing environments  around IaaS, PaaS and SaaS  - as the cloud ecosystem evolves Infrastructure As A Service ( IaaS) and Platform As A Service ( PaaS) are becoming relevant

Managed Security Services

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis - determines the compliance level of assets and configurations with security policy and guidelines, and vulnerabilities evident to both external and internal attacks 
  • Security Component/Application Management

Security Information Management

  • Content Protection Services like management of gateway, antivirus/anti-spam solutions, content filters, etc.
  • Compliance Management/monitoring, Enterprise Security Risk Management, threat alerts/advisory and gateway/mobile security