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At ETTL our focus is also on delivering the training differently. Today a majority of the training is Instructor led. We believe that a blended approach of IL and Online content delivery is the right approach. Also the current approach of technology training should over time move to a role-based training. Not just for fresher’s but for experienced professionals too.

Especially for experienced professionals because once these people are in billable projects it takes a lot to pull them out for one week or more training. Even if the candidate is willing the delivery manager will be reticent because she/he cannot afford this person away for a week.

To address this we are investing in building/partnering an online system which we will deploy over the next 6 months or so. This will not only deliver content remotely on a cloud model including sandbox labs online, but also provide an online assessment with tracking metrics for learning curve analysis.

We specialize in two streams for corporates

  1. Training for freshers
  2. Technical and Leadership training for experienced employees