Our focus for Freshers is on how to bring them upto speed in the quickest possible time thereby cutting down time and cost for Enterprises. We are also cognisant of the fact that cutting corners on training content is not the solution for faster deployment. Instead we focus on content and training methodologies to enable quicker knowledge transfer and higher retention

We believe the current resourcing and training model has a lot of inefficiencies built into it. Most companies are using the standard model of campus recruit, on board, train for 90/100 days in house and follow it up with a further 30/60 days of process specific training. And then into production/OJT. Depending on the process this end to end time from on board to bill could be as high as six months.

At ETTL we understand this. And we believe there are better and more efficient ways to do this. Without compromising on quality of resources and quality of training inputs.

We are very flexible in our approach. Given the management experience and the body of work in ETTL we know that not all requirements are the same and cookie cutter solutions will not always work. Even at the fresher level. While we have developed our own content and IP we would be very open to discussing the program and flow with you and make changes if mandated.

Our focus for fresher training is not the technical content alone. We are aware that IMS professionals need to have good communication skills (and this is not for Service Desk people alone) and a good understanding of business etiquette. Too often compromises are made at the time of hiring or training on this aspect of an employee and overtime Delivery managers are challenged to move the employee around the program or into another program. You could have someone who is technically the best but if she/he cannot communicate adequately than their options for roles within the company would be severely hampered.

Our training incorporates communication and business skills throughout the program. When we handle the entire program we intersperse the business skills for a couple of hours every day so that the participant knows that this is an equally important aspect of finishing the training.