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ETTL also offers programs for experienced candidates. Essentially to progress them from Level 1 to Level 2. Or Cross train them across domains and skills.

Most of these programs lead to certifications from the OEM companies (The programs themselves are not certified)

We currently offer the following programs for experienced candidates. Pre-requisites will vary from program to programs

1. Windows Administration

We currently offer 3 courses on Windows Administration

  1. Windows Administration I – This is a 5 day program around Installing and Configuring a Windows Server. And using utilities to install and configure services like DHCP, DNS, ADDS, IIS, RRAS and Windows Firewall Configuration.

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  2. Windows Administration II – This five day course for Windows Administrators introduces the Configurations in Windows Server 2008 Active Directory environment. And using utilities to administer Domain Users and Groups, Group Policy infrastructure, Integrating DNS with Active Directory, Domains, Sites and Replications.

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  3. Windows Administration III – This is a three day course for Windows Administrators introduces the advanced configurations provided by Windows Server 2008. The course covers methods to for administrators to manage Windows Software Update Services, Hyper-V Service, Clustering in Windows Server 2008, FSMO Roles, Migrating from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008.

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2. Linux Administration

We currently offer 2 course on Linux Administration

  1. Administering a Stand Alone Linux Server – This is a 5 day program covering basic administration task in a standalone Linux operating system.

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  2. Administering a Network Linux Server – This is a 5 day course which covers Configuring and managing Linux operating system in a networked environment.

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3. Advanced Network Administration

This is a 5 day course for L1 network administrations to introduce concepts and services provided by the Protocols in TCP/IP Suite and configuring and troubleshooting using Cisco IOS. Post this course administrators will be able to install and configure Network services like IOS Management,Routing,Switching,Security,WAN Connectivity and understanding the Needs of IP Address Assignment & Management, Subnetting, supernetting, VLSM & Protocols in TCP/IP suite.

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4. Solaris Administration

We currently offer 2 course on Solaris Administration

  1. Solaris Administration I – This is a 5 day program covering the basic administration tasks using the Solaris operating system. Pre-requisites of the program include basic knowledge of Unix. This is an ideal course for cross-skilling professionals from Windows to Unix.

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  2. Solaris Administration II – This is a 5 day program and is an advanced course for existing Unix/Solaris Administrators.

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