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Campus to Corporate (C2C) – A bridge program for fresher’s joining an Enterprise

This 5 day (40 hours) workshop intended for fresh recruits and entry level employees aims at bridging the vast gap between college education and industry needs. The training will make them aware and equipped to seamlessly blend into the corporate work environment and become productive. This program focuses on grooming and strengthening the individuals at all levels to begin their careers successfully.

Our holistic approach to training fresh recruits over the years has ensured that our trainees launch their careers on a very confident note. The situation-based and experiential learning opens up the mind-set and helps develop a comprehensive outlook of the industry. At the base level, along with a written evaluation participants would be evaluated on their professional demeanour, confidence, body language and attitude. The mid and post level evaluations will cater to their email writing and communication skills. Every evaluation would be followed up with personalized feedback and future plan of action for further improvement. The evaluations can be customised to specific company requirement.

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First Time Managers (FTM) – Individual Contributor to Manager

The program focuses on three facets essential for grooming successful managers - understanding self, people management & organizational dynamics. The program, over 3 days (24 hours), provides insights into the individual’s strengths, weaknesses, behavioural tendencies, preferred work style, managerial skills and knowledge of the organizational dynamics & meets company goals. Individuals are exposed to emotional intelligence, conflict handling, problem solving, decision making, and stress management. Program helps individuals understand organizational objectives & transform into operational plans with efficacy. Program assists individual draw up an action plan for personal development & self-transformation.

Key Learning Points

  • Develop Managerial skills, essential to operations/delivery in the organization
  • Establish a culture of customer focus
  • Challenge the status quo with innovative thinking & action
  • Develop self-confidence & pride in their achievements as managers
  • Will change from a reactive to purposeful paradigm

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Manager of Managers (MoM)

Manager of Managers “MOM” is workshop for mid-career managers with potential to advance as leaders of tomorrow. The workshop, over 2 days (16 hours) focuses on the facets essential for grooming successful leaders – ability to accomplish the organizational vision through collaboration, partnership building teams & managing healthy talent pipeline.

The workshop begins snap-shot of understanding self, people management & organizational dynamics & leads the participants into building skills to develop cooperation, teamwork, creating solutions which lead to accomplishing organizational objectives. The participants will understand the nuances of building team, fostering commitment, inculcate a spirit of trust & pride, along with motivating the team. MOM workshop inspires the participants to establish a culture of accomplishment, value creation, develop influencing skills over authority & pride in being change agents.

On completion of this workshop participants will:

  • Develop team influence skills, & contribute in organization achieving its business objectives
  • Develop self-confidence, pride & positive attitude in their teams
  • Effectively communicate ideas to teams and act as a leader to build consensus among all the stake holders with organizational objectives in perspective
  • Open a transparent communication channel with both upstream & downstream stake holders
  • Inspire and motivate teams to pursue a common vision. Involve all team members in planning and setting clear goals and benchmarks

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Finance for Non Finance Managers (FNFM)

Finance is one of the critical & important management disciplines which define the success of an organization. Knowledge of finance is of value to every executive in an organization. Finance for Non Finance Managers “FFNF” is designed to give participants a clear perspective on basic principles of finance, how financial performance of any company is determined, how financial statements are analysed and how each one of us can consciously contribute towards achieving our company’s financial objectives. Participants will learn how to analyse financial statements, understand working capital management, fundamentals of costing & management accounting.

On completion of this workshop over 2 days (16 hours) participants will become more finance savvy and will be able to appreciate how financial matters of their organization impact their work area and how they in turn can influence the financial outcomes of their organization.

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Ethics & Values

One of the most important responsibilities we own as employees of an organization is to demonstrate high standards of ethics at work place. Despite reams of pages of policies, codes of ethics, codes of conduct, organizational values, and carefully defined work environments, company cultures, there is likelihood of lapses in workplace ethics.

Ethics & Values workshop, over 1 day ( 8 hours),aims to enhance & amplify the professional ethical standards; integrate ethical reasoning with work place behaviour.

The workshop provides a forum for the review of typical ethical issues and decisions faced at workplace. The workshop takes the participants through a journey-of-self to understand personal values, learn to manage varying shades in value system. The workshops leads the participants into understanding ethics at workplace & appreciate how one can fall from being a ‘hero to zero’ by compromising on ethical norms at workplace. The participants will be exposed to fostering ethical habits. The final session on how to command respect & trust rounds off the journey by discovering the golden tenets – I have leads to admiration, I do earn respect & I am builds trust.

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Right Fit – Recruiting the right candidate

Right-Fit is the workshop for recruiting the right candidate, based on Behaviour Event Interviews (BEI). The workshop, over 2 days( 16 hours) is for managers, who are part of the organization recruitment process. This includes personnel from Talent Acquisition and technical and delivery managers who form part of the interview panel. The workshop provides the participants skills essential for conducting BEI & selects the “right fit” for the role/position being filled. The workshop is designed to help participants define the competences, conduct effective interviews based on assessment of behaviour in line with the competences for the role/position & make correct hiring decision.

The workshop equips the participants with skills to conduct the effective behavioural event interviews, focus on past actions & behaviours rather than subjective impressions & make accurate hiring decisions.

The tangible outcomes of this workshop, besides hiring the right talent, the organization benefits by hiring candidates who are better engaged, deliver better productivity & reduce attrition.

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Train the Trainer

Train-the-Trainer (TTT) workshop is over 2 days (16 hours) and is aimed at providing the necessary skills to conduct effective training workshop which is participative, easy-to-assimilate, conducted in an at-ease atmosphere, which helps participants improve their performance at work & has a lasting impact on participants.

The workshop will cover basics of adult learning theory and instructional design methodology. It will help participants develop skills on conducting needs assessment, developing learning objectives, and evaluating the impact of the training program with respect to the training initiatives.

The workshop focuses on developing engaging training programs which are participant-centred. The workshop will help participants to plan, organize their sessions, presentations, develop their style of training, and communicate with clarity to create a stimulating training room environment.

On completion of this workshop, trainers will learn effective training techniques for managing participants, engaging a variety of participants with different learning styles, create a good learning atmosphere & manage training-room challenges.

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